Eve R, Unity Streets

The Project...

"I participated in the 10 week Up Our Street Project working with the non profit organisation ‘Unity Streets’. As part of the business development team I was tasked with figuring out how the organisation could develop its funding and increase its sustainability. My role involved researching how the organisation could set up as CIC (Community Interest Company) and presenting the steps in an advice document that was easy to understand. The organisation also wanted to increase its ability to contact event visitors so I experimented with mailing services such as Mail Chimp and explained to the organisation how these could be used.

"I also provided advice to Unity Streets regarding the use of survey monkey to enable them to receive feedback from community members attending their events. By consulting my network I was able to put together a list of contacts that the organisation would access to increase their funding and develop as a social enterprise. 

Eve R

Eve R

“I have gained valuable skills such as diplomacy, time management, effective communication and organisation.”


"Reflecting on my experience, the biggest challenge faced occurred following my first meeting with the organisation. At this point I felt confused and did not believe our project briefing have provided me with an idea of the direction in which to take my part of the project. To overcome this, I decided to remain positive and met with my team and our business mentor. I communicated my concern and together we decided it would be best to meet again. Remaining optimistic and driven enabled me to get past this hurdle easily. I arranged to meet for a second time with the organisation, this time with a clear set of follow up questions. I left the second meeting with a clear goal for the project in mind and created a Google doc outlining each business development team member’s tasks. Prior experience reminded me that using a timeline to highlight important dates and delegate tasks helps keep in mind the focus of the project. My team members also felt much more enthusiastic and motivated to complete the project after this document was created.

What I have learnt...

"Throughout this project I have gained first-hand experience of working with a small social enterprise in the not for profit sector. Working alongside the leader of Unity Streets has given me an insight into the complex processes and time commitment required to host community events. I have gained valuable skills such as diplomacy, time management, effective communication and organisation. In my next project, I look forward to applying these skills and demonstrating my ability to communicate with others to achieve a shared goal. If I was to complete this again, I would beThe Completion Presentationsure to use the first meeting with the organisation to put together a timeline for the project and ensure all my questions are answered.

Final message...

"This project has been enjoyable and a valuable experience that stands out from others. To all students thinking of applying, I would not hesitate in recommending you do."


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