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Meet the staff working in the College of Life and Environmental Sciences (LES) careers team.

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Phill Williams - Careers Consultant

I am responsible for developing, leading and implementing the employability strategy for the college of Life & Environmental Sciences. I lead the LES Careers team to ensure that all students of Life & Environmental Science degree programmes have access to a wide range of careers support and employability programmes that help prepare them for life after university.

Andrada Caragioiu - Internships Officer

I support students to find work experience/internships through advising on techniques and strategies to do so. I source internships, work experience, placements and graduate positions, and promote these via the Work Opportunities Wednesdays newsletters and social media.

Amy Haworth - Careers Adviser

I provide face to face and online advice and guidance to all students in the College of Life and Environmental Sciences. Working closely with the LES careers team and academic leads in the College, I design and deliver careers and employability sessions, events and workshops to support students to succeed in their career journeys of further study and graduate jobs.

Jenny Chin - Alumni Relations & Placements

Helping to provide opportunities to the College of Life and Environmental Sciences students and young people through support of our alumni volunteers and industrial partnerships; from sourcing guest speakers and project placements to career support and mentoring.


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