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Students and graduates pursuing a career in law: every week LCN answer students’ questions about pursuing a career in law with The Oracle. Here are some answers you might find useful during this busy training contract application period.

“Does it matter when I submit my training contract applications?"

The Oracle advises students to not leave their submissions until the last minute for two main reasons – one being that firms review applications on a rolling basis, so they shouldn’t run the risk of being at the bottom of the pile.

“Is the training contract application process harder or different in any way for non-law students?

For your non-law students, this Oracle provides tips on how to get started, plus insights into how they can best showcase their skills and wider experiences on their applications.

“How many training contract applications should I make?”

The Oracle explains why less is more when it comes to making quality training contract applications.


For more advice, head to LCN’s Oracle section.


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