Reasons to pursue further study

Make sure you are aware of why you want to carry on studying.

Clarify your motivations and expectations for wanting to continue down the path of education. Make sure you get advice from your course tutor or a Careers Adviser in your college. Take a look at the PGT graduate destinations data for the University of Birmingham’s postgraduate taught students.

Reasons for pursuing further study

Some of the reasons for pursuing further study include:

Passion for a subject

An opportunity to study a particular subject in great depth and gain a clear insight into the industry. Make sure you know where it will lead you professionally and how it fits into your overall career plans. If you are not sure, book an appointment with a Careers Adviser.

Enhance your abilities

Enhance your skills and knowledge for a particular profession - a postgraduate course/degree may be one of several routes into a career e.g. in marketing. Many graduates find out that their chances of promotion increase if they train further. Find out more about types of qualifications offered from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

Employers value the "subject-specific knowledge gained through Masters and PhD courses."

Change career direction

Many postgraduate courses can act as conversion courses if you want to enter a different sector; for example law, medicine, or psychology.

Your field requires a postgraduate qualification

If you are looking to enter a profession that requires a postgraduate qualification - some occupations such as teaching, librarianship and physics require a postgraduate qualification.

Explore your postgraduate choices

Find out more about reasons for pursuing postgraduate study from TargetPostgrad.

Unsure if further study is for you? Take a look at our choosing your career pages. And remember you can book a guidance appointment with your college careers adviser.

As postgraduates, you can also check our postgraduate virtual platform, postgraduate ambassadors, or postgraduate homepage.


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