Public Speaking Course

Olga Pyshkina, Masters in Public Administration

Training impact

“I strongly believe that this experience will be very useful for me in my future career, as I plan to continue working in the public and government sector.”


I took this training course at London’s prestigious Public Speaking College. It provided special techniques to help overcome the fear of public speaking, to improve speeches and to make arguments stronger. This training also included several speech practices and an expert feedback from the trainer Vince Stevenson.

What were your main achievements?

The main achievement was achieved due to the expert feedback after I spoke several times in front of the audience: I understood my personal “weakness” and “strength”. Now I am aware of the things to keep in mind while speaking in front of the audience: for instance, I can speak clearly and loudly, but I have to avoid “closed” poses in body language (hands, legs), keep eye-contact with people in different parts of the room (space) and make more pauses while speaking.

I also learned special techniques which help to overcome fear/stress before giving a public speech like certain breathing exercises.

What did you enjoy the most?

I really enjoyed different practical exercises we did in groups: we gave a 3-4 minute speech on different topics and later discussed with the trainer and other participants in the group what was done well and what could be improved. Indeed, the feedback was really useful.

What were the hardest aspects?

It was tough and challenging speaking in front of a totally new audience: all of them were middle level professionals (not students) and I thought that they might have huge experience in public speaking.

Also, all of the participants were native English speakers which was an additional challenge for me.

What skills have you developed? 

How to overcome stress before and during public speaking, how to keep audience attention and how to make your message clear and argument strong.

How do you think your course will benefit you in the future?

I strongly believe that this experience will be very useful for me in my future career, as I plan to continue working in the public and government sector. At the same time, as I am planning to work with different international NGOs and foreign companies, this course was particularly helpful for me, being in the English language.

I can use this knowledge when I give presentations, speak at meetings and give a speech in front of a variety of audiences. As I am considering doing a PhD and combining my work in the public sector with work at universities, I am confident that the skills I have received during this course will be extremely useful when I work as a lecturer: I will be able to keep students' attention and deliver my message.

Thank you to donors

I am very grateful for the unique opportunity to improve my public speaking skills in such professional organisation as Public Speaking College in London. It was very useful and resultative as I have learned a lot of new things about my own strengths and new techniques in effective public speaking. I am very grateful for this opportunity, thanks a lot! Due to financial circumstances, as I am an international student I wouldn’t be able to attend this course without this generous financial support.


With grateful thanks to the alumni donors who made the PGT Professional Development Bursary possible. AIF_logo_200x200



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