Agnieszka Janoch case study

Careers Network Mentoring Scheme
MSc International Business, 2021
Mentored by a mentor from the consumer goods/e-commerce/tech sector

""Tell us a bit about your mentoring experience

My name is Agnieszka and I studied MSc International Business at the University of Birmingham. During my time at the University, I decided to take part in the Graduate Mentoring Scheme in order to develop my network as well as help me refine my future career plans. I was connected with a Senior Program Manager at Amazon who not only helped me identify what exactly I want to do in the future but also work on a plan consisting of things that I need to do to find my dream job. My mentor also taught me how to be a confident and successful candidate during the recruitment process as well as how to speak and connect with professionals and find opportunities in the area of my interest. 

What is one piece of advice you learnt from your mentor you could share with other students/graduates?

One piece of advice my mentor gave me was to believe in yourself and be confident. Before taking part in the mentoring scheme I wasn't very confident. Whenever I had an interview, I never believed in myself and I always felt really anxious which stopped me from performing well and succeeding in the recruitment process. Since I started speaking to my mentor, I felt much more confident as she shared with me tips on how I can be a successful candidate and allowed me to practise with her and gave really useful feedback. 

Can you share any top tips for making the most of the mentoring opportunity and how to be an effective mentee?

My top tip for making the most of the mentoring opportunity would be to challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone. My mentor introduced me to so many different professionals as well as a variety of job roles which I didn't even know existed and I would never consider. I would also encourage you to be proactive and honest with your mentor about your schedule. My mentor was always very understanding when it came to my deadlines at the University making it easy for us to find the most suitable time for our meetings. 

Why would you recommend the scheme to other students?

I would recommend the scheme to others because you get to meet with someone who has a lot of experience and have very insightful conversations that are really tailored to you and what you want to do. My mentor helped me find graduate opportunities as well as connected me with other professionals that she knew. She also helped me prepare my applications and taught me how to tailor my CV as well as how to stand out from other candidates during the recruitment process. As a result, I ended up getting three job offers and I was able to find my dream job!


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