Daniella Marston - Work Experience Bursary

Daniella, a student from the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, used the International Work Experience Bursary towards working as a Researcher at Operation Wallacea. 

""What did you do?

During my 6-week internship with Operation Wallacea, I was part of the Turtle and Seagrass research team. We would collectively spend 12 hours, six days a week on Akumal Beach (Quintana Roo) gathering a wide range of data. Most days would consist of me spending around four hours observing turtle and tourist behaviour, and around two hours carrying out transect data collection for the three seagrass species in the bay.

What did you learn?

This experience has made me realise how amazing it is to be a part of this network of people who are so incredibly passionate about conserving nature, most definitely reaffirming my desire to pursue this as a career.

The most valuable thing for me was being able to meet and work alongside such inspiring and like-minded people. It was such a wonderful experience to be within an incredibly diverse team – working with scientists from the Cayman Islands, Portugal and South Africa to name a few.

Daniella Marston

College of Life and Environmental Sciences, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences

“It has been a priceless experience in terms of consolidating my future plans and giving me an open, honest picture of this kind of career. I am so truly grateful.”


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