Naomi Lawrence

10K Black Interns
LLB Law, 2022

How did you hear about the 10K Black Interns?

I heard about the programme on canvas, and they also had ads running on Tiktok. 

What inspired you to apply to the programme?

My course mate encouraged me to apply as she knew a few people who secured internships the previous year. I also wanted to gain professional experience in industry to boost my employability before graduating from university. 

Did you receive any application support from Careers Network or 10K Black Interns?

I did not receive any direct support from Careers Network or 10K Black Interns, but the initial application process was quite straightforward as it only required me to express my interest in the industries that I wanted an internship in. However, I did attend a few CEPLER sessions on application guidance and interview help. Also, 10K run various sessions throughout the application process.

How did you choose which sector to apply to?

When you apply you get to choose from 3 different industries. I picked legal and compliance as it was relevant to what I studied at university. Though, I chose property as my final option as I wanted to explore alternative career choices. I received 3 offers in each industry I applied for and ending up pursuing the property internship.

What was the recruitment process like?

I secured an internship at Mace which is a construction firm. Firstly, I submitted an online application form. Secondly, I had an interview with a director at the firm. Following the interview, I was given an offer for a summer placement. Usually, to secure this role you would also have to do an assessment centre, but this was not required.

What is your job role?

My job role was an assistant project manager, and I was tasked with assisting the client to project manage, sustainably consult, and procure advice for a solar project at one of their offices. Throughout my time, I created a risk register, initiated meetings on behalf of the client and produced a project directory.

What have been the highlights of your internship so far?

The highlights of my internship were all the site visits I was able to attend. Over the course of the 10 weeks, I was able to visit 6 different sites ranging from Battersea Power Station to Unilever’s new campus.

What advice would you give to other UoB students/graduates considering applying to the programme this year?

My advice would be to remain open minded and be curious! Although, I studied law at university I developed many transferable skills that I can pass on in any industry I decide to pursue a career in. I was also given the opportunity to work with Mace’s legal team, network and gain exposure in an industry that was completely new to me. Following my internship, I was able to secure a grad role to commence in 2023 which demonstrates that it is much easier to land yourself a role post-graduation after being an intern.


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