Ziyi Wang

Professional Development Module
BSc Accounting and Finance, 2022


Tell us about your experience on the Professional Development Module.

Hi everyone I’m Ziyi Wang, from Accounting and Finance. I chose this Professional Development Module because I realized it was so difficult for me to apply what I have learned to my job at level. For example, I didn't know what employers want in our CV or what I could get from an internship.

The Professional Development Module was an excellent way to guide me through this. As well as teachers dedicated to CV and career development planning, as well as teaching us how to do self-reflection. The bank which I choose to interview had a group interview session in which I had to collaborate with other candidates to solve a case, and the challenge I discovered in this session was how to get the interviewer to notice my abilities during the collaboration process. I noticed the key point maybe for example, do I want to be the last person to speak or do I want to be the leader who can rise to the occasion?

As a non-native English speaker, I was always stuck in interview process while applying for a job, but the placement team gave me one-to-one advice on how to approach the interview and give me a lot of confidence.

I hope that students interested in the Professional Development Module have a clear career plan ahead of time, such as a clear idea of which industry they want to enter, such as finance, or education or anything else. This will allow the development team to provide a more target assessments. Before enrolling in this module I’d like to know how I can apply what I’ve learned.


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