Joshua Lindo video transcript

Transcript for video story from Joshua Lindo, who participated in the 10K Black Interns Programme

Hi, so my name is Joshua Lindo and I am a Summer Analyst at Morgan Stanley in the Glasgow Office. I am part of a team called NCNB (New Clients New Business) and we work exclusively with the Investment Banking and Global Capital Markets division.

So, ultimately, this role is client facing and we on-board all the new clients and new businesses into Morgan Stanley. We have to communicate a lot with the deal capitals of the investment bank and sometimes even the clients.

So, with this role, I would say communication is key, and organisation, as well as teamwork. You are a team player and you also have to organise yourself, especially when it comes to the demand of this team, because naturally this team is fast paced and dynamic.

So, in essence, I would say that what I have learned through the Morgan Stanley process in terms of this internship has been really, really valuable, and I would recommend it to anyone that’s applying to a bank. Definitely, Morgan Stanley is a good place to be at.

I got the programme through the 10,000 Black Interns so I was naturally interested in financial technology, and operations is the best place to start. I have really enjoyed the process so far and one thing about Morgan Stanley is that I don’t feel like an intern. I feel like an actual employee of the business and that is very different from any other internship that I have participated in in the past.

So, I would really recommend applying through the 10,000 Black Interns programme.


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