Careers Network - Unlock your potential (video transcript)

Have you explored the Careers Network website?

Careers Network has been really instructive in enabling me to consider the different opportunities that I have in the future, and how I can set about working towards those goals now.

Careers Network is dedicated to making sure that students from underrepresented backgrounds have the same and equal access to career development and employment opportunities. 

Careers Network has given me loads of personalised one-to-one support which has been really useful. Also, completing the PSA has given me loads of key employability skills. I am part of the mentoring scheme that Careers Network provide, and it's really helped me choose my decision of what I'm going to do after I graduate university.

At the beginning, I feel a little scared about how to start, but the careers service really gives me easy ways to follow and make me feel always supported.

There's so much career related information out there that I didn't know where to start, but thanks to Careers Network, they guided me on the right path. Careers Network has really helped me in the job application process and increased my confidence in interviews.

Careers Network has helped me create an impressive CV. I benefit a lot from Careers Network, especially the mentoring scheme helped me get a lot of confidence in the industry insight.

Careers Network is inspiring. It has enabled me to acquire a work placement in my desired organisation in Birmingham. For me, Careers Network has been a stepping stone in the right direction for finding my endeavour and the job profile that I need.

Unlock your potential.


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