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The Transformation West Midlands project is a student and employer led project. The project seeks to transform in 2 main ways - working with students and working with employers.


Work with students: Provide final year students and graduates with a bachelor’s degree who are at risk of ‘unemployment’ or ‘underemployment’ with a progression coach who can offer personalised support to individuals to understand the barriers to employment, and help overcome them through a variety of methods.

Work with employers: Build a new diverse talent pipeline for West Midlands employers and work with partners to build a much stronger eco-system of support that leads to social mobility and higher level work (reducing under-employment and unemployment).

What we have learnt from the project so far

Barriers prohibiting students/graduates progression into higher level employment can include: a lack of professional networks and social capital to gain knowledge and quality work experience; family commitments impacting on time to plan a career; self-limiting beliefs; lack of confidence or resilience; lack of GCSEs to enter certain industries/roles; lack of understanding of how to navigate career/sectors and a lack of ‘just like me’ role models to gain inspiration and direction.

How can employers/partners help?

We recognise there are many organisations and agencies within the West Midlands who are doing great work in the area of diversity and inclusion, social mobility & the skills agenda. Therefore to avoid duplication, we would like to forge partnerships with supporters who we can either signpost our students/graduates to or work directly with to create activity, thus work collaboratively on the mission to level the playing field.

The Transformation West Midlands project seeks to unlock the barriers to local graduate level employment by working more closely with private companies, charities, social enterprises, agencies, regional funded projects and community groups, who can support via:

  • Offering (bespoke) places to our students and graduates on your programmes
  • Working with us to create/co-create activity based on the needs and wants of our students/graduates
  • Act as one of our referral agencies
  • Offering or signposting our students to any skills workshops/training or work based opportunities in the region
  • Acting as a mentor: 1:1 or group mentoring
  • Take part in Deep sector dive events in key growth sectors: Professional Services, Health and Life Sciences, Technology etc
  • Provide a ‘like me’ case study – blog, vlog, written
  • Workplace visits or talks about career journey/sector you work in

By building stronger collaborations, we hope to:

  • Improve the work-readiness of our under-represented groups by improving their skills, their networks, knowledge, experience and self-wort
  • Forge meaningful connections with partners in the region who have a similar mission to help transform the outcomes of under-represented students in the West Midlands region
  • Understand your business and needs, helping you build a more inclusive and diverse workforce for the future
  • Understand the barriers to local employment and tackle the in-balance together.

What Transformation West Midlands can offer your organisation

  • Access to local students and graduates across 3 West Midlands based universities who we can promote/signpost to any activity/events you may be organising
  • Feature you in communications/social media/newsletters going out to students/gradates
  • List your website/service on the TWM website to drive traffic
  • Event or activity collaboration (with the potential for us to fund if it is ‘value for money’)
  • Help you meet your internal CSR commitments
  • Any other collaboration opportunities which suit your agenda, as well as ours

Signing up for support

If you would like to become a ‘supporting partner’, please contact Matt Haskey, Project Manager, University of Birmingham for a conversation. Email:

Current supporters

We are proud to collaborate with our Supporting Partners: 

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