Information for staff on student volunteering

Volunteering is offering your time, unpaid, to help or support a particular cause of interest you have.

If you studied at the University of Birmingham yourself, you can get involved with alumni volunteering.

Any staff member wanting to offer volunteering opportunities to students should check out the University's policy on offering work experience, short voluntary placements and internships.

Why students volunteer

Offering volunteering opportunities is a great way for students to get actively involved. It can help with their studies by helping them to gain practical experiences in occupational settings whilst contributing to society. This can bring new skills that will be useful throughout their future and can make a positive impact on their learning whilst at university and their employability.

Volunteering enables students to develop skills such as communication, interpersonal skills, teamwork, self-confidence and self-discipline.

If you have a volunteering opportunity you would like to appear on this site, please send the link to

Staff information and resources

To discuss setting up a volunteer project, or if you have volunteering opportunities that you would like to promote, email with more information.

Below are resources which may be useful in setting up or promoting volunteering opportunities.


Professional Services