Skills support for academic departments 2023/24

The Academic Skills Centre is delivering a menu of academic skills sessions through in-person (on campus) or online synchronous workshops. We can also provide support through online resources. Our comprehensive set of online resources may include short Panopto recordings, canvas courses, and/or self-guided workbooks.

Our menu consists of:

You can also download the whole menu (DOCX - 119KB).

Our workshops need to be timetabled in advance by the School. Workshops are usually 50 mins in length. On request, we can include subject specific examples/activities tailored to meet the needs of the Academic Programme or module. Please note that if a range of support is requested, a mix of delivery is likely.

We are keen to support new forms of assessment and are currently developing resources on:

  • Peer assessment
  • Generative AI and critical thinking
  • Oral assessment e.g. vivas
  • Digital artefacts e.g. podcasts, blogs
  • Writing collaboratively

We welcome opportunities to develop these resources alongside your assessment, so please do get in touch if this is something we can support.

For research skills topics (section B) a computer cluster room with lectern should be booked for workshops involving hands-on practical elements. Online synchronous presentations using Zoom may be a more practical alternative for larger cohorts or students based off-campus.

For digital skills topics (section C) we encourage you to utilise LinkedIn Learning content. The team are able to source, review, curate and recommend content, from short bite-size learning blocks for specific tasks, to in-depth playlists covering broad digital skills topic areas. The team can also provide follow up 1:1 appointments with students, as necessary. 

How to request academic skills support for your students 

We have a centralised process for requesting skills sessions, via the form below. Schools should request support for semester one by 8 September and for semester two by 15 December, where possible. Schools requesting subject specific activities should provide at least two weeks’ notice. 

Our aim is to ensure support is clearly linked to upcoming assessments or programme learning outcomes. If your students require something that is not on our menu, please contact us at We look forward to working with you. 

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