Embedded sessions and support for academic departments

Our Learning Enhancement team can work with academic schools to offer skills support for particular courses, modules or programmes. 

For the academic year 2019-20, we are offering a refreshed range of academic skills sessions, in the form of a menu. Support with learning to learn, digital skills, research skills and academic writing is available for embedding into programmes and modules. Please see our new menu (PDF - 712KB). 

How to request academic skills support for your students

We have a new, centralised process for requesting embedded skills sessions, via the form below. Schools are asked to request sessions for the Autumn Term by 1 August, for the Spring term by 1 November, and for the Summer term by 1 March wherever possible. Please note that in response to Covid-19, there may be an amendment to the services offered for the 2020-21 academic year. This is still to be finalised and will be shared as soon as we are able to to so. 

The deadlines will allow us to tailor the requested sessions to the needs of different cohorts, making the support as relevant as possible. It will also allow for discussions to take place about the most appropriate format, content and timing for the skills sessions. Our aim is to ensure support is embedded in students’ timetables, clearly linked to upcoming assessments or programme learning outcomes, and delivered in a sustainable way.

If your students require something that is not on our menu, please feel free to contact us on asc@contacts.bham.ac.uk to discuss.

Arranging rooms for academic skills sessions

Please book a suitable room for any sessions you would like us to provide. Our menu, above, includes details of what kinds of rooms are needed for different types of sessions. For groups of under 40 students, we may be able to use our Main Library Training Room (computer cluster) or Academic Skills Centre (non computer cluster), if available. Please make it clear on your request form if you would like us to check the availability of library rooms.

We really look forward to working with you.

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