How to access Bloomberg

At the University of Birmingham, we have nine remote access Bloomberg terminals to access anywhere and three physical Bloomberg terminals on the Edgbaston campus.

How to access Bloomberg remotely

Users without a Bloomberg Terminal account

Step 1: create a Bloomberg for Education account

  • Go to Bloomberg for Education and select “Sign up as Learner”.
  • Complete the form with your details and click “Sign Up”. You must use your University email address to register.
  • When opting for access to Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) as part of the registration process, please select “No” as the answer to the question “Are you taking BMC as part of a group (e.g. university class or new hire group at a bank)?”.
  • Verify your identity using the verification email sent to you from Bloomberg.

Step 2: account authorisation

Once you have verified your identity, a member of academic or administrative staff will authorise you for a Bloomberg Terminal account.

You do not need to contact anyone separately for authorisation. Four administrators in the Business School are regularly checking for new registrations and will approve you for access in due course.

If you have a query about the authorisation of your account, please contact Simon Pettifor:

Step 3: Create a Bloomberg terminal account

  • Once your account has been authorised by a member of academic or administrative staff, go to Bloomberg for Education  and log in with your Bloomberg for Education account details.
  • Go to the “Terminal Access” tab of the Bloomberg for Education portal and follow the account creation wizard to create a Bloomberg Terminal account.
  • Now you have your account, you can login, following the instructions below.

Users with an existing Bloomberg terminal account

If you already have a Bloomberg Terminal account, please follow the steps below to access Bloomberg remotely:

  1. Go to Bloomberg Anywhere.
  2. Enter your Bloomberg Terminal username and password.
  3. Verify your identity using the verification code sent to your email address or mobile phone by Bloomberg.
  4. Click the down arrow to the right of the “Launch” button and select “Launch within the Browser”.


Please ignore all Citrix warning messages when logging in as they are not necessary for access to a Bloomberg terminal.

We only have a limited number of licences, so please log out after use to release access for another user. If there are no Bloomberg terminals available when you log in, you will be informed of this. Please try again later if there are no Bloomberg terminals available.

Bloomberg Customer Support If you have any problems logging in, please telephone Bloomberg Customer Support on 020 73307500.

How to access Bloomberg on the Edgbaston campus

We have three physical Bloomberg terminals on the Edgbaston Campus. One of these terminals is in the Main Library and the other two are in the Alan Walters Building.

To access the Bloomberg terminal in the Main Library, go to MyPCBooking and book a slot to access the terminal. 

The two terminals in the Alan Walters Building are in a teaching cluster and can be used if available. Please note, however, that teaching may be in progress at certain times of the day and the terminals inaccessible.


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