Where is PASS operating?

PASS operates across all colleges as shown below:

Arts and Law

History and Cultures

Module: Introduction to Greek and Roman History

Academic Lead: Dr William Mack


Module: Introduction to the Study of Religion

Academic Lead: Dr Karen Wenell

Engineering and Physical Sciences

Chemical Engineering

Module: All modules

Academic Lead: Dr Phil Robbins


Module: All modules

Academic Lead: Dr Simon Goodwin

Life and Environmental Sciences


Module: All modules

Academic Lead: Dr Mary Blanchard


Module: Introduction to Psychobiology / Psycholinguistics and Neural Basis of Movement

Academic Lead: Dr Faye Julal Cnossen

Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences

Module: Functional Anatomy and Human Movement

Academic Lead: Dr Craig McAllister

Medical and Dental Sciences

Biomedical Sciences

Module: All modules

Academic Lead: Dr Jean Assender


Module: All modules

Academic Lead: Dr Kirsty Hill


Module: HDT1.1

Academic Lead: Dr Linda Lefièvre

Social Sciences

Accounting and Finance

Module: Principles of Financial Accounting

Academic Lead: Jo Watkins

Social Policy

Module: Social Imagination

Academic Lead: Dr Justin Cruickshank

Module: Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Module: Introduction to Social Policy

Academic Lead: Clare Harewood

Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences

Module: From research to policy II

Academic Lead: Dr Simon Scott

Birmingham International Academy

All pathways

Academic Lead: Dr Sue Teale

Can't find your department or module?

If PASS isn't in your discipline and you'd like it to be, please contact your personal academic tutor in the first instance.


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