Forms and Guidance

Developing a New Arrangement

When developing a new collaboration it is strongly advised to liaise with our Team as early as possible so that advice can be provided on the correct procedure to follow.  In most cases an Approval in Principle (AiP) form will need to be completed.  All comments required on the forms must be completed before the Head of School and College Board approval can be sought.  Please see below for an appropriate form: 

A Word copy of these forms can be obtained from Collaborative Provision.

Please note that all AiP requests need to be approved by the University of Birmingham's Collaborative Provision Committee (CPC).

For international collaborations such as Articulation, Entry Agreements and the European Erasmus scheme, further information can be found via the International Partnership website.

Recognised Titles

Some collaborative arrangements require Recognised Lecturers, Recognised Supervisors and/or a Collaborative Programme Officer (CPO) to be appointed.  Information on these roles and the relevant nomination forms are available below:

Recognised Lecturers and Recognised Supervisors are entitled to use certain University services and facilities.  Further details can be found below or please contact Allyson Dudley.

Collaborative Provision Review (Periodic Review)

Annual Review

Further information regarding annual reviews can be found at the Collaborative Provision Annual Review webpage.

Changes to Collaborative Provision Arrangements

Any changes to a collaborative arrangement, e.g., withdrawal, will require the approval of the Collaborative Provision Committee.  Information regarding making changes is available on request from Collaborative Provision.

Handbook and Published Information

Periodically we request copies of the collaborative organisation's student handbooks for our validated programmes to check the content concerning information about the University of Birmingham.  In accordance with CMA guidelines, student handbooks should provide information that is clear, timely, accurate and comprehensive.  Guidance regarding handbooks is available.  We also check the published information provided by the collaborative organisations regarding any information about a collaborative arrangement with us.


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