Student complaints

This page details the process under which an official concern/complaint can be raised within the University, and includes the relevant forms.

Please ensure that you read the relevant Code of Practice before submitting any form. Failure to follow the appropriate process may lead to delays in dealing with your complaint.

Please note that the complaints procedure cannot be used to challenge academic assessment and progress decisions, or requests for academic redress in general.  In such cases you should refer to the Academic Appeals Process.

Raising a concern or complaint

The University of Birmingham is committed to providing a high quality educational experience, fully supported by a range of academic and administrative services and facilities.  However, we understand that from time to time, things do go wrong, and the University recognises the need for students to be able to express their dissatisfaction where this happens.

Please ensure that you read the full Code of Practice on Student Concerns and Complaints for your cohort (i.e. as defined by the academic session in which you commenced your studies) before submitting your form.

Raising a concern - formal stage:

Senate review panel - review stage: 

Postgraduate Research Student Supervision Experience Concerns:

Raising a concern or complaint about another student

A Student may submit a complaint about the conduct or behaviour of a current University of Birmingham Student or Students by using the ‘Complaints about other Students’ form to request that their complaint is considered in accordance with the University’s Code of Practice on Student Concerns and Complaints. Types of behaviour that could be complained about using this form could include:

  • Harassment (including sexual harassment)
  • Violent, indecent, disorderly, threatening, intimidating or offensive behaviour or language by another student (including that of a sexualised nature)

Raising a concern or complaint about another student - formal stage:

If your report is about harassment, then it may be more appropriate to follow the procedures outlined in the Policy on Harassment and Bullying before submitting this form:   

Before completing this form, you may wish to:

The Student Conduct, Complaints and Appeals Team will receive the form and decide who should deal with the concern. In cases of alleged harassment, an Investigating Officer will consider whether the alleged behaviour or conduct may amount to harassment under the Policy on Harassment & Bullying, and/ or a breach of University Regulation 8: Student Conduct. 

Raising a concern or complaint for someone else

Third parties such as parents, friends, spouses, sponsors or employers may not normally raise a concern/complaint on behalf of a student.

Anyone discussing a student's personal details with a parent or other third party may inadvertently be breaching the Data Protection Act.

If a student is unable to pursue the concern/complaint on his/her own, the student may authorise another individual to have access to personal information in order to do so. The student will need to complete a personal data disclosure form (PDF - 49KB) for each individual who is to be part of the discussion on the concern/complaint.

Definition of a Friend

In most University processes a student may be accompanied to a meeting by a "Friend". This is defined as a member of the staff of the University, a registered student of the University, a Sabbatical Officer of the Guild of Students or a Guild Advisor of the Guild of Students.

Further reading


Guild Advice is an independent, free, and confidential service for all students of the University of Birmingham. They specialise in five main areas: academic, employment, finance, housing, and immigration. You can access support via Guild Advice through a weekday drop-in service, an online enquiry service, or from the website resources.

  • Guild Advice at the Guild of Students (formerly the Advice and Representation Centre)

If you have any queries about the Student Concerns and Complaints Procedure please contact:

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