Plagiarism Information for staff

The University wishes to provide a high standard guidance to its students so that they are able to:

  • understand what plagiarism is and why it is unacceptable;
  • avoid the penalties that can follow the submission of plagiarised work;
  • make proper use of source referencing in order to obtain good marks.

The Code of Practice on Plagiarism sets out what level of support should be provided to students by Schools to enable them to avoid plagiarism. The Code also defines how the University will handle allegations of plagiarism, including categorisation of plagiarism and referral to Student Conduct.

For more information please select from the links below. Please note the information below relates to the current cohort (2018/19) - it is important to refer to the correct cohort details for your studies. Further information relating to alternative cohort years is available on the cohort legislation and regulations pages:

Plagiarism template letters and reports 2016-17 cohort

Plagiarism template letters and reports 2017-18 & 2018-19 cohorts



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