PG Skills: Understanding the job market

Online - a link will be sent to you before the event
Tuesday 8 September 2020 (11:00-12:30)

There are many skills needed to navigate the Coronavirus pandemic and enter the workforce, but chief amongst them is the ability to understand the job market. Having strategies to keep up-to-date and understand how Covid-19 and other external factors have impacted on your sector/s of interest puts you in a better position to identify which areas of the labour market might harbour more opportunities. It also helps you to understand the challenges that employers may be facing in the current climate, helping you to tailor your applications and stand out in a competitive job market.

This interactive online workshop will feature guest speaker Andrew Shortt, Senior Scientific Consultant at recruitment agency SRG. He will present his and his clients’ perspective on the current situation and will offer insight into the tools he uses to keep informed of changes within the job market as well as tips to help candidates stand out.

This workshop aims to help you:

  • Recognise the main ways in which the wider UK job market has been affected by Coronavirus
  • Identify tools and resources to help you discover the challenges and opportunities in your sector/s of interest
  • Use these tools to analyse labour market information within an employment sector (with opportunity to feedback and ask questions)
  • Apply this knowledge to aid your job search - Develop insight into how recruiters and recruitment agencies work and how they can help you in your job search

This workshop will take place online. You will be emailed instructions on how to join the event closer to the time. For any questions contact


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