Westmere Scholars 2018

Westmere Scholars 2018

The University Graduate School are pleased to announce six new Westmere Scholars, one from each College and one scholar for our part-time and distance postgraduate researchers:

Vicky Kaisidou - College of Arts and Law (westmerecal@contacts.bham.ac.uk)

April-Louise Pennant - College of Social Sciences (westmerecoss@contacts.bham.ac.uk)

Tuba Saygin Avsar - College of Medical and Dental Sciences (westmeremds@contacts.bham.ac.uk)

Rory Whelan - College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (westmereeps@contacts.bham.ac.uk

Oliver Odell – College of Life and Environmental Sciences (westmereles@contacts.bham.ac.uk

Subiksha Krishniah – Part-time and distance PGRs (westmerecoss@contacts.bham.ac.uk)

The scholars will be working closely with our PGR Community Engagement Officer, Eren Bilgen, to design and deliver engagement, development and well-being activities for our postgraduate researchers. Watch this space for exciting news and activities in the upcoming months.

If you have any suggestions for PGR engagement and development activities, then please get in touch with your Westmere scholar!


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