Checking out

Part of your contract is to leave your accommodation as you found it when you first moved in. It’s therefore up to you and your flatmates to leave it clean and tidy, no matter if you’re the first to leave or the last. To ensure everyone does their bit, we recommend agreeing with your flatmates who will do what from the checklist below.

Things to do before you leave - checklist
Bedroom Remove all personal belongings  Me  
Vacuum the floor  Me  
Empty and clean wardrobes and cupboards   Me  
Remove any stickers, posters, and Blue Tack from doors and walls  Me  
Dispose of all rubbish and recycling using the bins outside your flat  Me  
Switch off lights and heater/radiator   Me  
Close all windows   Me  
Lock bedroom door   Me  
Kitchen Dispose of all rubbish in the waste bins outside your flat     
Take all glass bottles, cans, paper and plastic to the recycling bins outside your flat     
Clean the floor and any surfaces     
Empty and clean the fridge of your items  Me  
Empty and clean the freezer of your items  Me  
Clean the oven/microwave    
Donate any unopened, non-perishable food items at reception    
Bathroom/toilets Remove all personal belongings   Me  
Take all rubbish to outside bins    
Clean sink    
Clean shower     
Clean toilet    
Clean floor    
Hallway Hand any unopened post to reception    
Take any rubbish to the bins outside your flat    
Vacuum the floor    

Possible charges on departure

Don’t spend more money than you have to. Here’s how to avoid any additional charges:

  • Make sure to return your key/key card to us. If you don’t, we’ll have to replace the locks. This will cost you £75. It’s much cheaper for you to pay £20 for a key/ key card replacement as soon as you lose yours.
  • Don’t forget to clean and tidy your accommodation. If you leave your room, bathroom/toilet and/or kitchen dirty, cleaning charges will apply.
  • Ensure you leave your accommodation as you found it. If any items are missing from your flat, or you’ve damaged it in any way, you’ll be charged for repairs and replacements. 



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