Procedure for Inviting Visiting International Research Students


The standard visa assessment form needs to be completed for Visiting International Research Students who will enter the UK on either via the PBS Tier 4 or Student Visitor Visa routes. The links to the relevant form for each School are below:

Visa Assessment Form

When submitting a VRS application, please refer to the Processing VRS applications quick guide (Word doc) if you have any queries.

Once an application has been submitted and all appropriate checks have been completed by College staff and Admissions, the CAS/Student Visitor Visa Letter will be issued by Central Admissions.

Important Information

A Visiting Research Student (VRS) may be accepted for a period of research study up to a maximum of 12 months' duration.

The University offers a maximum period of 6 months free of tuition fee charges within any one 12 month VRS period of study. Following the 6 month grace period, tuition fees will be charged a pro-rata basis on the duration of the period of study relative to the standard fee for the subject area and tuition fee status.

Please see the Code of Practice on the Supervision and Monitoring Progress of Postgraduate Researchers (PDF).



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