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Lockdone is the Engineering and Physical Sciences summer events programme happening from July to the end of August.

We’ll be running a huge range of events with activities that will enhance your career opportunities, expand your academic knowledge, have fun with your peers and learn new skills. You can improve your programming skills, experience leadership, discover cutting edge research and work as a team to the contribute to the Birmingham in Action campaign by creating radical solutions for the environment and mental health issues. These are just a snippet of what’s on offer. Check out the dates below for more information.

Lockdone is the number one summer destination that has something for everyone. No passport required, campervan optional!

Having problems booking? or any other enquiries please use the following email: eps-lockdone@contacts.bham.ac.uk

AI Summer Institute call for Fellow applications - application deadline July 7th

The AI Summer Institute was set up by Electrical and Electronic Engineering alumnus, Ronjon Nag. The programme runs July 21 to August 13 and while unpaid, it is free to join and would be an incredible opportunity to receive mentoring and support from Ronjon and colleagues. 

More information can be found here but the headline topics are below. Ronjon also welcomes applications with new projects.

  1. Graphical AI Platform (with Dr. Ronjon Nag)
  2. Stock market prediction (with Dr. Ronjon Nag)
  3. Making AI easier to explain: creation of AI examples for use in teaching (with Dr. Ronjon Nag)
  4. Deep Science Business Intern - (with Anastasiya Giarletta)
  5. Ecosystem Development and Growth Marketing Intern (with Anastasiya Giarletta)