EPS LinkedIn Community


The EPS Community group on LinkedIn was established at the start of 2013 to provide a network for alumni, students, staff and associates from the nine schools that constitute the College. In addition, the sub-group for each School makes the most of the relationships that already exist between alumni, students and their alma mater. 


There are now over 2,650 members of the community online. Are you one of them?


If not, please join the group and engage in discussions, and encourage your students to join also.


So what is the value of LinkedIn and the EPS Community to you?
• Help build your online presence and provide a basis for interactions with other professionals. LinkedIn is your online CV with provision to add papers, conference submissions and presentations
• Maintain relationships with your students post-graduation to assist in DHLE and other data gathering exercises
• Provides a ready pool of individuals able to discuss an issue or collaborate on an idea and is full of graduate contacts to invite back to speak on programmes or as part of career events.


Dr Andrew Tobias (Mechanical Engineering) writes: “As someone previously sceptical about social media it was out of character, about a month ago now, for me to sign up to LinkedIn on the recommendation of our Alumni Manager, Kathryn Chedgzoy. Very rapidly and with a minimum of fuss, it has (in the parlance of this marvellous networking tool) “connected” not only me but also the whole of Kathryn’s new EPS “Community” with a host of our past students in a plethora of impressive corporate positions worldwide. Their doors are now open to us, and I would encourage colleagues to take similar advantage!”


For your information…
To encourage the new students to get online and start networking from the beginning, any student who joins the EPS Community group on LinkedIn between 1 September and 1 November will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win £50 Amazon vouchers. Posters about this will be distributed to each School over the next week. Please encourage your students to sign up.


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