College Promotions August 2014

The most recent College promotions announced in August 2014 recognise outstanding contributions from academic staff across the College.

The following colleagues have been successful in recent promotion rounds (March through to July 2014).


Serafim Bakalis, Chemical Engineering
David Book, Metallurgy and Materials
Alison Davenport, Metallurgy and Materials
Moataz Attallah, Metallurgy and Materials
Graham Worth, Chemistry
Duncan Shepherd, Mechanical Engineering
Ian Jefferson, Civil Engineering
Paul Flavell, Mathematics
Peter Tino, Computer Science



Elizabeth Blackburn, Physics & Astronomy
Evgueni Goudzovski, Physics & Astronomy
Nigel Watson, Physics & Astronomy
Isaac Chang, Metallurgy and Materials
Dan Ghica, Computer Science
Mirco Musolesi, Computer Science


Senior Birmingham Fellow

David Craven, Physics & Astronomy


Senior Lecturer

Raya Al-Dadah, Mechanical Engineering
John Fossey, Chemistry
Michael Burrow, Civil Engineering
Mayorkinos Papaelias, Metallurgy and Materials
Yu-Lung Chiu, Metallurgy and Materials
Ata Kaban, Computer Science
David Leppinen, Mathematics
Olga Maleva, Mathematics
Ilya Mandel, Physics & Astronomy
Nicola Wilkin, Physics & Astronomy
Phil Robbins, Chemical Engineering
Phil Cox, Chemical Engineering


Professional Services