New staff appointments January - February 2015

The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences has made a number of excellent staff appointments over the last two months.


Dr William Perkins, Birmingham Fellow, Maths

Dr David Oldroyd, Technology Transfer Specialist, EESE

Mr Matthew Berwick, Research Associate, Chemistry

Miss Maria Rodriguez, Research Fellow, Chemical Engineering

Mr Jo Vermeulen, Research Fellow, Computer Science

Mrs Mala Patel, School Technical Manager, Chemical Engineering

Dr Neelkanth Nirmalkar, Research Fellow, Chemical Engineering

Miss Zahra Khan, Research Fellow, Chemistry

Dr Xianfang Yue, Marie Curie Fellow, Mechanical Engineering

Dr Naresh Marturi, KTP Associate Robot Vision Scientist – Research Fellow, Mechanical Engineering

Dr Conor Mow-Lowry, Lecturer Physics & Astronomy

Miss Lorna Cormac, Technician, Metallurgy and Materials



Mr Karl Bauer, Research Fellow, Physics & Astronomy

Dr Shervin Tabrizi, Research Fellow, Metallurgy and Materials

Dr Adam Jackson, Research Fellow, Civil Engineering

Dr Glenn Lees, Research Fellow, Chemistry

Dr Cathryn Hancock, Research Fellow, Chemistry

Dr David Oswald, Lecturer, Computer Science


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