Green Heart Updates

Find out what construction works will be taking place at the Green Heart development site each fortnight with our detailed summaries.

Week commencing 24.04.2018

  • Paving the west side of University Square and tree planting in University Square and around the Lodges continues.
  • Benches will be installed on the last two hubs in University Square by the end of April.
  • Balustrades will be added to the bridge by the end of April.
  • Concrete will be poured onto the roof of the café early May.

Week commencing 26.03.2018

  • In Library Square the café shell is taking shape with the shutters going up for half of the walls and one of the spayed walls.
  • The rain gardens are being prepared for the next delivery of trees due in from Germany next week.
  • In University Square 300kg kerb stones are being installed to the rain gardens in front of Staff House ready for grading the soil to the more accessible slopes.
  • With the paving to the circular hubs complete in the west side of University Square, the curved benches have been installed.

Week commencing 19.02.2018  

  • Progress is good due to a spell of fair weather
  • In University Square, we are completing Phase 1 ready for handover when work on the west side of the Square will commence until June. Accessible ramps are being installed.
  • On the former library site, the subway, which carries all the vital services for the University buildings, is being waterproofed and reinforced ready for the work above it.  
  • The Green Heart bridge will be delivered in the next few weeks, so the shutters to cast for the concrete supports for the ends are currently being built on site.
  • The green crane meanwhile is lifting in reinforcing cages for the rest of the parkland foundations.


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