The Loft and the Avon Room

We are pleased to announce that The Loft and the Avon Room are now open to students once more. Following an extensive refurbishment programme, these study spaces have been brought up to first-class standards, with the aim to enhance the quality and experience of learning.

These rooms will offer superior comfort, up-to-date facilities and improved technologies. This major project is part of the University’s commitment to improving the provision of high-end student study space across campus.

The Loft (formerly known as the Coffee Lounge) has been renovated with the learning experience at its heart. This dedicated study space provides seating for up to 190 students and caters for different learning styles. There will be 30 PC stations (following installation) and an assortment of high back booths, large tables and mixed loose and fixed seating which gives flexibility for study groups and meetings. This first-class study space benefits from panoramic windows which let in optimal light, and students will also find their learning experience enriched due to new acoustic baffles, integrated lighting, solid flooring and upgraded air ventilation. Each seat also has access to a power source and Wi-Fi signal has been optimised.


The tiredness of the Avon Room has now been transformed into an airy and bright modern lecture theatre, with retractable seating fitted with individual writing surfaces. Acoustics have been enhanced in the theatre to ensure that sound is audible from all areas of the room, and improved facilities such as modern air ventilation, solid wooden floors and upgraded fire alarms mean that the space is comfortable and also safe. Teaching will also be enriched due to twin lecture screens and advanced Wi-Fi.

Additional improvements have also been made to the overall structure of the building. A new insulated roofing system and improved wall cladding have enhanced the structure’s energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. We are also incorporating new signage, lighting and toilet facilities across the floors.  

We hope to see you very soon in your brand new study space.


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