University Station: Our Campus Destination


station - final 1Anyone travelling to the University by train over the past week will have noticed some new University of Birmingham signage around the platforms, stairs and main foyer.

The installation of a suite of new artwork has been designed to enhance the first impressions of visitors and commuters at the station, whilst also supporting a shared ambition to improve passenger flow. We have worked closely with London Midland to address a number of challenges with the University Station, particularly around passenger flow through the station, clear waymarking at the exit, and also the general appearance and wear and tear given the extremely high volume of people that pass through the station.

Reflecting the themes of the Strategic Framework, the new visuals celebrate our 11 Nobel prizes, the depth and breadth of research and study opportunities at the University, as well as putting a new spotlight on our visitor attractions and cultural assets. The new signs also reference a brand new website, created to celebrate the University as a visitor destination as well as home to a world-class research and study experience.


There aren’t many stations which support this sort of treatment and ours is now the only one on the network - it is certainly unique in the sector too! This puts us on the map as never before: we're proud to welcome thousands of passengers through the train doors from around the UK each week and are delighted to see the transformation come to life!





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