Executive Office

The Executive Office was created in September 2018 as part of the wider Executive Support Division that includes Strategic Planning, Strategic Change, Legal Services, and Governance Support.

The Executive Office provides executive support to the University’s senior leadership team, through ownership and co-ordination of University-wide initiatives. This includes projects such as Birmingham Professional, the Graduate Management Training Scheme, and the Vice-Chancellor's Challenge. Support is also given through preparation of speeches and briefings, secretarial support to University-level committees and groups, organisation of institutional events, and through a cadre of Personal/Executive Assistants.

The Executive Office is comprised of the Head of Executive Office, Executive Support Manager, Executive Officer, Executive Support and Events Officer, and seven Executive/Personal Assistants who support the Vice-Chancellor, Provost, Registrar, thematic Pro-Vice-Chancellors, Chief of Staff, and Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellors.



Professional Services