Commercial Day Rates

In some cases, it may be more appropriate (or requested) to express the price relating to research activity using a daily rate. As such, a set of University standard day rates has been prepared for use by academic staff when asked to quote a price for research work.

There are day rates for each grade of staff. It may be possible to gain higher day rate prices than those specified and Colleges are free to use these rates flexibly, but you should contact your Accounting Team if you would like to discuss using a day rate which goes below the level on the day rate schedule. It is important to do this as there may be other University departments undertaking work for the funder at a higher price and offering a discount on our day rates could adversely affect them.

The full list of day rates (B'ham users only).

Please note that these rates represent Prices and if you are asked to supply Costs in the form of a daily rate you should NOT use these rates and will need to contact your Accounting Team

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