Finance Staff Recognition awards scheme

In Finance, we're proud of our colleagues and the work they deliver for the University.  

Our Finance Staff Recognition awards allow us to recognise exceptional staff performance - celebrating colleagues who have gone the extra mile to provide a great service.  

The scheme runs throughout the year, with awards presented quarterly. A small number of winners who have demonstrated particular excellence will go forward to be considered for a Birmingham Professional Award.

We invite you to nominate Finance colleagues whose performance reflects one of our core values.

Nominate a Finance colleague for a Staff Recognition Award here.

Our Finance core values 

Our core values are aligned with the University's shared values. 

Our Values: Ambitious; Responsible; Innovative; Collaborative; Open.


  •  We aim to develop a strong performance culture.
  • We encourage and empower employees to perform at their best.
  • We strive to be the best in what we do. 
  • We encourage ambition and support those seeking to achieve. 
  • We recognise and celebrate excellence in our employees' performance.
  • We encourage continual learning and development.


  •  We work openly across all teams.
  • We actively seek to prevent siloed working.
  • We actively seek to work with others where we identify areas of gaps in collaboration across our team.
  • We foster opportunities to connect individuals across the team via support groups, common interest groups or other common experiences with a view to creating a sense of community within our team.
  • We recognise and celebrate those who actively seek to collaborate.
  • We genuinely care about the contributions of all parts of our team.


  •  We ensure that our people feel empowered.
  • We ensure that our people feel able to influence change.
  • We ensure that our people feel able to be creative and innovative.
  • We recognise that innovation often requires experimentation and risk.
  • We celebrate positive examples of flexible working and promote these examples as best practice.
  • We empower all our staff by supporting and backing our people in delivering their ideas and delivering change.


  •  We allow everyone to ask questions openly and will listen actively and openly to others' contributions.
  • We encourage our leadership to engage with staff at all levels.
  • We trust our staff to do their job and will not micro-manage.
  • We acknowledge and apologise for errors and we will recognise mistakes as learning opportunities - not as failure or an opportunity for personal criticism.
  • We make all our people feel like they are part of Finance.
  • We actively seek to create a diverse team in which we celebrate and respect our differences, and foster an inclusivity where everyone feels able to be their authentic selves.


  •  We encourage a caring culture.
  • We converse with each other respectfully.
  • We respect the contribution of others and say thank you and show appreciation towards our colleagues.
  • We advocate a human-centred leadership and culture that promotes wellbeing.
  • We support employees to work in a way that fits their needs and will be considerate of duties outside of work.
  • We actively care for the University and the wider community in which the University operates.

Deadlines for nominations 

The deadline for nominations over the current academic year are: 

  • Friday 3 November 2023
  • Friday 5 January 2024
  • Friday 5 April 2024
  • Friday 19 July 2024 

How it works

Nominations are reviewed and winners selected by the Finance Leadership Group (FLG). Awards are presented quarterly, at our in-person all staff meetings.  

It's not unusual for one person to be nominated multiple times. If an individual is nominated for more than one award against different values and for different activities, then - if successful - they can be recognised for a maximum of two awards in one quarter.  

Awards are made for individuals only. If you want to recognise the hard work of a whole Finance team, let us know by emailing Danielle Edwards, Deputy Director - Projects. This feedback will then be posted in our Staff Recognition Channel, in our departmental Team. 

Who can nominate a Finance colleague for an award?  

We invite Finance colleagues, academics, Professional Services staff, students, and suppliers to nominate a Finance colleague for an award.  

What do the winners get?  

Award winners will receive a ‘Finance Award Winner’ pin and a £25 Amazon voucher, as well as a Recognition Card from the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  

Award winners will also have the opportunity to discuss their nomination with members of the Finance Leadership Group at an Award Winners Lunch. This informal lunch will be scheduled every six months, and award winners from the previous two quarters will be invited to celebrate. 

How will you communicate the winners? 

Winners are announced at in-person all-staff meetings, so we can celebrate these successes together. We'll also post about the winners in MS Teams, in the Finance Team - for Finance colleagues only.


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