Add a New Supplier to Proactis

New Supplier Set Up (or reactivation) request from 1st August 2017

If the goods your team requires cannot be supplied by an existing Proactis supplier, a Supplier Set Up /reactivation form will need to be submitted to request the activation of a new one.

(N.B. Please allow 10 working days for a completed form to be added to Proactis for use. With over 11,000 suppliers already Procurement may challenge if additional supplier is really necessary).


Please be aware that from 6 April 2017, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have introduced a new system for taxing payments to some outside contractors and consultants who operate through a small company (known as a Personal Service Company or PSC). This process now applies to all payments to individuals and outside contractors / consultants, this is known as IR35.

This is to ensure that suppliers (particularly sole traders or consultants) pay appropriate levels of National Insurance and Tax when working for the Public Sector. Therefore, this University must ensure appropriate procedures are in place and suppliers working for our organisation are classified and paying taxes appropriately. Therefore we are required to run checks to classify if the suppliers we are engaging are “Personal Services Companies”.  

If the Supplier Set-up request is for a; consultant, agency, or temporary worker or sole trader etc. the supplier will need to complete the Supplier Creation Form Part 1 and 2 and the HMRC Employment Status Checker   as this will inform you if they are a Personal Services Company (PSC) which falls within/ outside the scope of the IR 35 Regulations. Further details on IR35 can be found on the Government Website at;

An example of the results from the HMRC Employment Status Checker is below

Please read the following and ensure you understand who is responsible for the steps in the process.  You need to ensure that Part 1, Part 2 and the HMRC Employment Status Checker questionnaire, if applicable is fully completed.  If the HMRC Employment Status Checker results determine the engagement to be EMPLOYMENT then you must consult the HR Recruitment page at

There are 2 forms that now need to be completed

NEW!!! - To find the Item Code please refer to this spreadsheet 

The HMRC Employment Status Checker questionnaire can be found at   

Please ensure you have completed all 3 documents (if applicable) before forwarding them to

All queries relating to supplier set up requests should be directed to or if any aspect of the forms are unclear please contact the Procurement Office on 45948 or email

Important Procurement Guidance 

Importance Guidance if Procuring Hazardous Substances


Adding an Item Code to an Existing Supplier/ Existing Supplier Amendment Form

If you wish to amend an existing supplier’s details on Proactis please complete the Supplier Amendment Form and send it to