Post-Award Research support

The Research Support Group provides a range of post-award support services to the university research community.

The Research Finance team are responsible for the administration of externally funded research project accounts once an award has been received and accepted by the University, with a responsibility for managing the university’s £800m portfolio of research project accounts in a way that maximises income to the university and complies with internal accounting policies and funder terms and conditions.

The Research Contracts team provides support in negotiating a wide range of research contracts, including funding contracts, collaboration agreements, clinical trial agreements, studentship contracts, confidentiality agreements and material transfer agreements. The team protects the interests of both academics and the university; they ensuring that ownership of valuable intellectual property and the academic’s right to publish is guaranteed in funding agreements, and also protect the university from undue contractual risk.

The Research Integrity, Ethics, and Governance teams:

  • co-ordinates the university’s internal ethical review processes for externally funded staff and postgraduate research projects, administering the ethics self-assessment process, processing applications for further ethical review, supporting the university’s ethics committees and providing training on research ethics.
  • acts as the university’s sponsor representative for research conducted under the UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care and the Medicines for Human Use (Clinical Trials) regulations. The team support academics through the internal and external approvals required for research involving NHS staff or patients, and maintain oversight of compliance with annual reporting requirements and end-of-study obligations.


Professional Services