Request a Refund

Request a refund if you no longer plan to attend the University

If you no longer plan to attend the University, and you want to request a refund for your deposit, go to the Admissions Refund Page. Here you'll find detailed information about our deposit refund policy, as well as the application process for refunds.

The Admissions department will assess your application and let you know whether your deposit can be refunded. Please only submit one request for refund; this is to avoid duplication of work for the team, which could result in a slower response time for you. 

Request a refund for overpaid fees

If you think you've overpaid your tuition or accommodation fees, please complete the Student Refund Request form, and submit it to the Finance team for processing using the Finance Service Portal.

As standard, we can only refund the person who made the payment originally. The original payer can ask for a different account to be credited by completing the Refund Authorisation Form - submit this using the Finance Service Portal.


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