Nursery Fees


 Payment Options

You can pay Nursery Fees using your Tax Free Childcare Account. Please advise the Nursery of your Tax Free Childcare reference  – this will be in the form of four letters and five numbers (eg ABCD12345) - and allows us to identify your payments when they are made to us. Information on opening a Tax Free Childcare account is available on the GOV.UK website.

If you use Childcare Vouchers to make payments towards your Nursery fees please complete this form to provide a breakdown of what payments will be received. Please ensure that you release and redeem your vouchers as appropriate with your voucher provider in order for payment to be made to the University.

The University can collect payment of Nursery fees by Direct Debit on or around 20th of each calendar month. Please complete a Direct Debit application form if you wish to pay by Direct Debit.

You can pay your invoice with a debit / credit / purchasing card at the Online Shop.

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, payments should be made in GBP to the bank details shown at the bottom of your invoice. Please quote either your customer number or invoice number as the reference when making a bank transfer.

 Nursery Deposits

If you are paying monthly by invoice: The £250.00 deposit for your Nursery place will be held on your unique Nursery customer account with the University. When you receive your first invoice, please pay the invoice total less the £250.00 deposit held.

 If you are paying monthly by Salary Sacrifice: The £250.00 deposit will be accounted for in your salary sacrifice calculations.

Terms & Conditions

Please see your Nursery Contract for full terms and conditions relating to the provision of a nursery place.

The University's Full Term and Conditions of Sale.


For further information about Nursery fees please see the Nursery Customer FAQ.

Please contact or telephone 0121 502 7662 for further information.


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