Online Shop Guidelines

Below you will find information to help clarify some of the common mistakes made when using the online shop, along with the answers to the more frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn't answered in the relevant user guide or in the information below please contact us for further assistance on extension 44554 or by email at

What customer information is collected by the online shop?

A basic amount of customer information is collected as a standard part of the online sale which consists of:

  • customer name
  • billing & delivery address
  • email address
  • phone number

If your event has been setup in the 'Conferences & Events' module this information will be collected for each delegate added to the booking, in addition to the person actually placing the booking.

If any additional information is required (e.g. student ID number, meal choices, other options / preferences) we can add a questionnaire section to capture this data. All of this data is included in the sale notification email sent to you once a transaction has been successfully processed and can also be exported via the reporting tools

 Can I share customer information or use it for marketing?

Generally speaking customer information collected as part of a sale / booking should only be used to fulfil that order and should not be shared with anyone outside of the University or with other organisations.

It is not uncommon however for University events to be co-hosted by other institutions who require access to booking details, or for information to be retained to inform customers of related items or events they may be interested in. It is possible to do this but we must ensure that we comply with appropriate legislation, therefore if you wish to pass information outside of the Univeristy or use it for purposes other than fulfilling the order  we advise you to contact Legal Services first in order to prevent delays when setting up your item.

Are there standard terms and conditions of sale?

As with any sale, when the customer makes a payment through the online shop we are entering into a contract with them which is governed by a number of terms and conditions detailed in the online shop customer help pages. These terms and conditions have been written and agreed with Legal Services and the customer is accepting them as part of making a payment through the online shop.

What is the standard cancellation policy?

The standard cancellation policy is specified in the relevant sections of the terms and conditions for purchases of goods, services or conferences / courses / events. In order to comply with current consumer legislation a customer can cancel their order for a full refund any time up to 14 days after making payment, after which any refunds are at the discretion of the appropriate staff member.

There are exceptions to this however, depending on the nature of the customer (e.g. business customers are not classed as 'consumers' so different rules apply) or the type of goods / services being purchased. As a general rule think about if there are any situations where you would not want to refund a customer who cancelled within this 14 day period. If there are then please contact us to discuss further.


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