Accommodation Fees by Direct Debit

You may opt to spread the cost of your tuition and accommodation fees over monthly or quarterly instalments. We offer either a quarterly or monthly plan that commences from the start of the academic year:

Please note that you may not receive your schedule of payments (Advance Notification) until you have registered with the University for the current academic session.

  • Quarterly instalments collected on the first working day of November, February, and May
  • Monthly instalments collected on the first working days of October through May
  • Monthly instalments for 50 week accommodation contracts can be collected on the first working days of October through July

Please note that if you join the university part way through an academic session and choose to pay by Direct Debit you will join the scheme at the next convenient payment date.  

To be eligible to pay by instalments, you must have a UK bank account that accepts Direct Debits. If you are unsure of the type of account you have please check with your bank or building society.

Change of Bank Account Details

If you are an existing Direct Debit payer and wish to amend your bank account please contact Accounts Receivable via Service Now.


You have the right to cancel your Direct Debit at any time. To cancel your Direct Debit please contact accounts receivable via Service Now. Please be aware that if you cancel your Direct Debit, the balance of your account will fall due immediately.

Direct Debits Explained

A Direct Debit is an instruction from you to your bank or building society, that tells them to pay the University agreed amounts from your account.You will receive a list of the collection dates and the amounts when we set up your Direct Debit (this is called an Advance Notice).

As long as you do not cancel your Direct Debit, we will continue to automatically collect payments for your fees this way in your future years of study and will send you a new Advance Notice at the start of each academic session. These payments will be taken from your bank account automatically on the collection dates.

When you are paying by Direct Debit instalments, you are protected from errors by the Direct Debit Guarantee.



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