How does COVID-19 affect my travel plans?

 The UoB travel policy renewed on 1st August 2020 and anyone booking cover should now be aware of the following changes. These are all referenced in the Summary of  Cover document, which has been produced by UMAL and which can be downloaded from these webpages but in summary please note the following: 

  1. There is now a restriction in terms of cancellation or curtailment of trips if caused by COVID-19. In essence, unless a trip was booked prior to 18th March 2020 there will be no cover for costs incurred if a trip is disrupted as a consequence of COVID-19.
  2. However, this exclusion does not extend to medical expenses, so if a traveller falls ill during a trip and requires emergency treatment as a result of the virus, that would be covered. The cost of routine COVID-19 testing during a trip would not, however, be covered.



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