Registering a BlueBEAR Project & Username


All project owners, are require to register a project in advance of using the BEAR/CaStLeS clusters.

The first “How-To” portion of this document details instructions to project owners preparing to register projects to use BEAR or CaStLes Services and the second “How-To” describes instructions to researchers and PI on registering for a BEAR Linux Username


The Principal Investigator (PI)/Supervisor must register a project and add their researcher(s)/research student(s) to enable members of their research group to access the BEAR or CaStLes compute services.

A researcher/research student who is not the PI/Supervisor for a project cannot register the project themselves.

A researcher/research student cannot 'Activate BEAR Linux account' or access BEAR or CaStLes Services until their PI/Supervisor has registered a project in advance.

The project owner can see the projects that she/he at present possesses by logging into the BEAR Administration database using their University credentials then following the BlueBEAR Identity Database link.

How-To: “Register a BEAR/CaStLes Project”

Registering a project has steps which are analogous to purchasing from an on-line shop. In outline, the steps are:
    • Specify details of the project and the project code is to be associated with
    • Add the request to a shopping cart as an order
    • Check out by confirming and submitting the order

These steps are described in detail  below:

Login to Catalog/Service Desk:

1. Select “Make request”

2. Go to the section: “Advanced Research Computing Service”.

3. Select: “Register a BEAR/CaStLes Project”

4. Fill-in all mandatory fields in the form 

5. Select “Add to Basket”

6. Select “Submit”new-reg-proj-v1m1


Once this information has been supplied  you will be sent a confirmation  email from "Service Desk <>". Project registration requests are handled manually by IT Services and may take a day or more to process. A message is sent to the requestor, and any users who have been associated with the project, with the project code once the project has been registered.


How-To “Activate BEAR Linux Account (Registering a Username)”

Use 'Activate my BEAR Linux account' if a project's Principal Investigator (PI) has added you to their project and you have not used our BEAR Linux service (BlueBEAR) before.

Login to Catalog/Service Desk:

  1. Select “Make request".
  2. Go to the section: “Advanced Research Computing Service”.
  3. Click on "BEAR User Account Options".
  4. Select “Activate BEAR Linux Account”
  5. Click on  “Submit”ativate-account

Registration requests are forwarded to the Advanced Research Computing team (within IT Services), who then approve the request or contact you by the way of the “IT Service Desk” asking for further details, especially if a project code has not been given. Once approved, the requests are processed and notification is sent to the requestor's central email address. It is also possible to check yourself when access to the service is available, by using the BEAR Administration database (usually within 3 days).

If you have any questions about registering for BEAR Services , please contact the IT Service Desk .


Last modified: 27 September 2018