BEAR Projects

Access to many of the BEAR Services require that a BEAR project has first been created. Principal Investigators are able to create BEAR Projects. We require that all changes are done via the IT Service Desk, so that we have an audit trail to track requests for changes to access.

Register a BEAR or CaStLeS Project

A BEAR or CaStLeS project must be requested by a member of academic staff. If you are a research student you should have your supervisor register a project.

Registering a project is done via the IT Service desk - simply select Register a New BEAR or CaStLeS Project and complete the form. You can also request access to other resources. If your research is in life sciences then you may be eligible for the CaStLeS resources.

BEAR Services

BEAR Projects provide access to the following services:

  • BlueBEAR is the University, Linux-based, supercomputer for batch processing high performance computing (HPC) or high throughtput computing (HTC).
  • BEAR Research Data Store (RDS) provides storage for ‘research-in-progress’ data, including a facility for groups with exceptionally large requirements to purchase extra capacity.
  • BEAR Gitlab is an on-campus software repository that supports academic programmers through the whole software lifecycle.
  • CaStLeS (powered by BEAR) provides powerful compute and storage to meet the challenges of life sciences research across the University.

Can I delegate permissions?

Once a PI has registered a BEAR project, they may delegate some permissions to other members of their group. Typically this might be:

  • Data Manager - someone who acts on behalf of the PI to make changes to a specified BEAR Project;
  • PI Delegate - someone who acts on behalf of the PI to make BEAR Project requests on behalf of the PI.

In both cases, the PI remains responsible for the BEAR Project.

Managing BEAR Projects

You can check which projects you own or have access to by logging into the BEAR Identity Database at BEARAdmin: with your University username and associated password. Just click on the project code to see information about that project such as:

  • Who has access to the project
  • Which service(s) does the project have access to eg. BlueBEAR
  • How much quota is being used and when data was added to the project
  • The paths to map the Research Data Store onto Windows, Mac and Linux

Changes to a BEAR or CaStLeS Project

There are several options available for requesting changes or additions to BEAR or CaStLeS Projects:

The CaStLeS resource may be available to you if your research is in life sciences.


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