Globus Data Sharing

Globus allows you to share directories/folders with external users without them needing a University account. Sharing on the BEAR endpoint is enabled.

We recommend following the Globus documentation "How to Share Data using Globus".

Please note that if the person you are sharing data with has never used Globus before, we recommend that you ask them to login to Globus first. Whilst they may receive the sharing email from Globus, they may get "Access Denied" errors to the folder after login. This is due to the way identities sometimes appear to Globus. If this happens, once your collaborator has logged into a Globus account, you need to edit the permissions on the share. You should enter the email address in the box and click "Search" rather than "Add". This should then find the Globus account and access should then be granted to the collaborator.

We strongly recommend that you do not share the "top" of your storage folder but create a folder specifically for sharing. When you share a folder with an external partner, they inherit your access permissions for the folder tree and so will be able to read any file you can access.

External User

If you have sent a request to your external collaborator then the following webpage goes through how they can access the folder.  They will be able to access, and upload data. External User


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