BEAR PGR 2012 Conference

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About The Conference

  • Research Computing
  • Date: 28 June 2012
  • The conference was well received with over 40 people attending on a very stormy day.

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Oral Presentation Winners

  1. Nainesh Patel from Civil Engineering won a laptop with the talk "Large-Eddy Simulation of the Airflow around a Truck"

  2. Xillin Cui from Civil Engineering won £100 with the talk "The effect of inter-particle friction on the behaviour of a soil bed due to pipe leakage using the coupled DEM-LBM technique"

  3. Paul Jennings from Chemistry won £50 with the talk "Theoretical investigations of clusters for potential use as PEMFC electrocatalysts"

Poster Presentation Winners

  1. David Ryan from Chemical Engineering won £200 with the poster entitled "Measuring cavitation onset in a Sonolator"

  2. Jonathan Watkins from Physics & Astronomy won £100 with the poster entitled "Extrusion of a Vortex Lattice"

  3. Jonathan Eden from GEES won £50 with the poster entitled "Validation of rainfall from global climate models: an analysis of nudging-induced errors"

The final proceedings can be downloaded here, it has all of the posters and abstracts from the conference.

  • A few pictures from the conference:


 Jonathan Eden with Prof. Roy Johnstonjon-eden-a-1

David Ryan with Prof Andrew Chan and Prof Roy Johnstondavid-ryan-a-2

Paul Jennings with Prof Andrew Chan and Dr Francesco Falcianipaul-jennings-3

Nainesh Patel with Prof Andrew Chan and Dr Francesco Falcianinainesh-a-4

Jonathan Watkins with Prof Roy Johnston and Prof Andrew Chanjon-watkins-a-5


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