Speakers & Presenters



Opening Remarks:
Professor Jean-Baptiste Cazier (PhD)
Professor of Bioinformatics
Director Designate of the Centre for Computational Biology

Keynote Speakers

woman-silh-resizeSabine Hauert
Research Area:
Swarm Engineer

silh-images-pgrDavid Glowacki
Research Area:
Computational  Chemistry and  Cultural Theory

silh-images-pgrDr Mark Slater
Research Area:
Particle Physics

Student Speakers


silh-images-pgrRajib Ahmed silh-images-pgrDong Li silh-images-pgrJim Barrett silh-images-pgrShixuan Wang silh-images-pgrOji Galadima


silh-images-pgrMostapha Ariane Closing Remarks:  


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