Research software management, sharing and sustainability workshop

On the 9th of January 2017 JISC ( and the University of Birmingham held a workshop, including a free lunch, exploring the management, sharing and sustainability of research software. Mike Croucher's keynote talk was particularly challenging, highlighting the importance of making research software be "correct" - and showing some significant consequences of it being wrong. As groups we discussed the challenges and blockers related to research software, and debated how to overcome them. The workshop attracted over 30 delegates.


The agenda was:


  • 10:30     Coffee, registration


  • 10:45     Welcome from hosts and scope of workshop
    John Owen, University of Birmingham
    Daniela Duca, JISC



  • 11:50     Comfort break


  • 12:00     Group work: What's my main problem with research software?


  • 12:15     Talks: Best practice in managing research code?
    Patricia Herterich, Research Repository Advisor, Library Services, University of Birmingham:
    Using GitHub to open up your software project (Presentation, PDF 1167KB)
    Jonathan Watkins, Physicist and Ed Tech developer/Maple TA manager at the University of Birmingham:
    Collaboration with GitHub (Presentation, PDF 528KB)
  • 13:00     Lunch



  • 14:10     Group work: Blockers and barriers to using existing best practice


  • 15:00     Comfort break


  • 15:15     Group work 2: Your ideas for best practice


  • 16:15     Closing remarks, and next steps


  • 16:30     Networking opportunity

Last modified 17 February 2017


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