The 8th BEAR PGR Conference & Users Forum

Overview (Archived Bear conference & User forum 2018)

The BEAR Users Forum  was held on Friday 23rd February 2018 in Medical  School (B1 on the map)- Arthur Thompson Hall .
The Forum was an opportunity for BlueBEAR users to receive advance notice of future upgrades and alterations to the service as well as giving the opportunity to give feedback to IT Services in the Q&A session.

The Forum also gives the leaders of the special interest groups (CFD, FEA and Matlab) the opportunity to outline their vision for the forthcoming year and also for the users of the special interest groups to convene in an informal environment.

This year, attendees and participants to the BEAR PGR Conference and the BEAR Users Forum congregated in the same setting (Medical  School)

Location Medical  School (B1 on the map)
Room Arthur Thomson Hall
Date Friday 23rd  February 2018

BEAR PGR  Conference 

BEAR Users Forum
9:00am - 4:35 pm

11:40am - 12:55 pm

Who attended

Researchers, project managers, suppliers and decision makers -have your say!

                                            BEAR Users Forum Provisional Agenda


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