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Project Reporting - Guide

Notes from session on 15.1.20  (PDF 357kb)

Panopto Recording - you may have to log in using your ADF password.

Quick guide to codes - note there are different instructions for Research and Non-Research


For research projects which existed before new core go live, you will just need to take the last 5 digits of the old research account code e.g. RRAH12345 would be 12345.  New grants will be 7 digits and allocated by research finance. 

Expenditure type will depend on what you are buying a list is attached.  Expenditure organisation is where you are ordering from.  School/Hub - see list

Task number denotes the funder and school you are ordering from.  If it is a single funder and single school project then the task number will always be 1.1.   I have attached a list of all the task numbers linked to each project number and which funder and school it relates to.

They are called POET codes for research funding.
Project - your grant number, Organisation Expenditure, Expenditure Type, Task Number


Your Operations Manager can help with these.  There is a code converter you can use to map your old code to the new.  NOTE:  it might be a little bit out of date.

Code converter
List of Analysis codes - Segment 2 (the old element 1)
Simple Guide to new codes for ordering and expenses
Buying tips - how not to get your requisitions rejected

For a full list of category codes please see canvas.

Recruiting - Guide to Recruitment and Taleo

Tips for Managers and Hirers in using Taleo

Accessing New Core off campus 

 If you want to access New Core off campus you need to be set up on the Remote Access Service.  See the link below for how to do this.  Get set up now so you are ready when New Core goes live.


For Worktribe queries – the super users are below, please contact them directly:

Victoria Cabrera-Sharp (RDM)
Helen Lambert (RF PSY)
Sally Brajkovich (RF GEES)
Jasmine Penny (RF BIO)
Danielle Cardon (RF SERS) – not in post until 24th June
Christine Deacon (RFA)
Ella Tebay (RSA)


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