Academic promotions: Congratulations!

This year all of the College recommendations supporting those for Professor, Reader and Senior Lecturer have been approved by the University Promotions and Titles Committee. Therefore we're delighted to announce the following:

Table displaying the latest College promotions
 Dr David Withers   Professor of Immune Regulation withers-david 
 Dr Elizabeth Sapey   Professor of Acute Respiratory Medicine  Elizabeth-sapey2-Cropped-230x230
 Dr John Curnow   Professor of Biomedical Education  john-curnow
 Dr Kristien Boelaert   Professor of Endocrinology  kristien-boelaert-230x230
 Dr Alice Turner  Professor of Respiratory Medicine  alice-turner-Cropped-230x230
 Dr Caroline Bradbury-Jones   Professor of Gender Based Violence and Health  Caroline-Bradbury-Jones-Cropped-110x146
 Dr Dipak Kotecha   Professor of Cardiology and Cardiac Imaging  Dipak K
 Dr Ye Oo  Professor of Autoimmune liver diseases and Translational Hepatology  Dr-Ye-Oo-Cropped-230x230
 Dr Larissa Fabritz   Professor of Cardiovascular Sciences  fabritz-larissa-2019-Cropped-230x230
 Dr Andrew Beggs   Professor of Cancer Genetics and Surgery  beggs-andrew3-Cropped-230x230
 Dr Hareth Al-Janabi   Professor of Health Economics  Hareth-Al-Janabi-1-Cropped-230x230
 Dr Yemisi Takwoingi   Professor of Test Evaluation and Evidence Synthesis  Takwoingi-Yemisi--Cropped-230x230
 Dr Trish Lalor   Reader in Experimental Hepatology  Trish Lalor
 Dr Eva Petermann   Reader in Genome Biology  petermann-eva-2-Cropped-230x230
 Dr Kirsty Hill   Reader in Dental Education and Dental Public Health   Kirsty Hil
 Dr Aga Gambus   Reader in Genome Replication  
 Dr Connie Wiskin  Reader in Clinical Communication  Connie W
 Dr Josette Camilleri   Reader in Applied Endodontic Materials   Josette C
 Dr Neil Morgan   Reader in Cardiovascular Genetics  Neil-Morgan-Cropped-230x230
 Dr Alex Brill   Reader in Thrombosis and Hemostasis  
 Dr Anthony Cox  Reader in Clinical Pharmacy and Drug Safety  Anthony Cox
 Dr Shishir Shetty   Reader in Liver Tumour Immunology  shetty-shishir
 Dr Davor Pavlovic   Senior Lecturer  Davor-Pavlovic-2019-Cropped-230x230
 Dr Christian Ludwig   Senior Lecturer  Christian-Ludwig
 Dr Paul Foster   Senior Lecturer  
 Dr Vanessa Heggie   Senior Lecturer  
 Dr Alice Sitch   Senior Lecturer  alice-sitch3-Cropped-230x230
 Dr Louise Jackson   Senior Lecturer  louise-jackson-Cropped-230x230
 Dr Elena Odintsova   Senior Lecturer  odintsova-elena-2-Cropped-230x230
 Dr Richard Tuxworth   Senior Lecturer  
 Dr Alan Jones   Senior Lecturer  
 Dr Andrew Coney   Senior Lecturer  A-Coney-Cropped-230x230
 Mrs Parbir Jagpal   Senior Lecturer  Pabir-Staff-Profile-Photo-edited-Cropped-230x230

And finally, congratulations to Professors Jo Morris, Will Palin and Kai Toellner – all of whom secured re-banding in accordance with the Professorial banding criteria.


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